What's SnoreTracker?

SnoreTracker is an app which tracks and monitors your sleep and snoring during sleep. SnoreTracker algorithms are based on sleep research.

What if SnoreTracker indicates abnormal findings with repeated red light code?

If you have snoring or snoring with severe breathing pauses when sleepin on the back you may try the positional therapy either using the alarm function of SnoreTracker or using something fixed on the back of your pyjama shirt (tennis ball). If you have snoring or snoring with severe pauses, or if the positional therapy does ... SnoreTracker is not a medical diagnostic device, technology, or treatment of any medical disease, snoring or sleep apnea.

How does SnoreTracker work?

SnoreTracker works by monitoring your snoring and sleep positions. If we detect snoring the sleep-record summary will give you a green, yellow or red indication of the severity of the disturbances and a red indication if you are sleeping on your back (supine). Sleeping on your back makes n your back makes snoring and snoring with severe pauses worse.

Can I increase the reliability of SnoreTracker?

Yes! You can connect your smart watch to SnoreTracker in order for us to collect better sleep position data, and for you to have sleep more comfortably.

The app crashes occasionally, what should I do?

We try to support as many devices as possible but cannot grantee it. However we listen to your feedback, and are eager to hear from any problems you might have with the app. The easiest way for you to contact us is by going to the "Contact us" page filling out the form and sending it to us.

How is the data collected by SnoreTracker used?

The data we collect is scrambled through algorithms and you can't be individually identified by it. We might however use the data we collect in order to further improve the product.

I have a suggestion about the site or app.

Great! We'd love to hear it. Feel free to contact us through the "contact us page" any time, and we'll respond to you as quickly as possible!

My phone keeps shutting down while recording.

Many Android ORMs have battery optimization software installed which might have to be turned of in order for SnoreTracker to work properly. Read more about battery optimization and how to turn it of here.