SnoreTracker is a mobile application to monitor, analyze and stop snoring and snoring related to pauses. It also monitors the sleeping position and gives you a smart alarm if snoring is found when sleeping on your back (supine).SnoreTracker algorithms are based on algorithms validated with 200 real patients.

SnoreTracker gives you a smart alarm when sleeping on your back with snoring or snoring with pauses. It allows you sleeping on the back with no snoring, if snoring is quiet or when no pauses are detected.

SnoreTracker algorithms is based on sleep research. The algorithms used for detection of pauses are medically validated to detect the type and severity of snoring in 200 real patients. The validation study is published in USA Journal of Clinical Sleep Disorders 2016.

SnoreTracker monitors your sleep using the very sensitive microphone of the mobile phone and the position sensor of the mobile or a wearable clock attached either on your body or attached on the arm.

After monitoring of snoring SnoreTracker gives you amount of snoring, amount of loud snoring, amount of snoring with pauses and all the findings when sleeping on your back and in all other positions. It marks the abnormal findings to the graph as red markings.